Complete the 6 fitness exercises contained in your Flip Gym® workout card, then when you’re ready flip the card over and do the next set of 6 exercises. Each Flip Gym® workout programme is a single sheet of A3. Simply follow the instructions below or watch our video.


Learn each workout routine and master the exercises. Follow the handy instructions to ensure your technique is correct. Each exercise has at least two images, which along with the text should help you understand and perform the exercise as intended.


Get better at each exercise, record your results in the handy boxes on your Flip Gym® workout card and improve your personal best. If you’re not sure about how many of each exercise to do simply seek the advice of a fitness trainer first.


Once you have done the exercises and can comfortably complete the workout routine simply progress onto the next level. Each Flip Gym® exercise card is colour coded green easy-dot (easy), amber intermediate (intermediate) or red advanced (advanced).

To get the most out of your Flip Gym® always consult a fitness trainer prior to attempting any new exercises, or exercises that you are unsure about.

We always suggest you seek professional advice before attempting any exercise you are not familiar with. Of course we do not recommend using FlipGym® if you have any injuries or medical conditions which could be made worse by physical exercise. If you experience any pain or feel dizzy, sick or have any difficulty breathing then stop exercising immediately and contact a medical professional.