Calculating the right reps and sets for your workout

Calculating the right reps and sets for your workout


Reps and Sets are common terms used in the fitness industry. But do we really know how to utilise both of these variables to get the most out of our workout? Repetitions are simply the number of times an exercise is performed before rest. Sets are the number of times the repetition schedule is repeated. Depending on the goal, repetitions and sets are manipulated in order to give the best training adaptation. So depending on what you want to achieve will dictate how many sets and reps you complete.

Training Types

Training for Power or Strength – try 1-6 repetitions with heavy resistance. Have longer periods of rest between sets.

Muscle Hypertrophy – try 8 – 12 repetitions with moderate resistance. Have shorter periods of rest between sets.

Muscular Endurance – try 15 repetitions with low resistance. Have short rests between sets. At this range, little strength gain will occur. Therefore, it is advisable for endurance athletes to use their own sport for specific muscular endurance adaptations. In terms of practicing and perfecting a specific technique, low weight is recommended.

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